End of Desire: Jennifer Berezan's Long Awaited New Release!
Posted: 06/16/2006
End of Desire Album Cover

We just finished mixing the last song on my new album End of Desire! It has been a thrilling and deeply satisfying experience to record this new collection of music. I have been performing many of these songs live throughout the last year, and a number of you have asked when they will be out on CD. Well here they are!!

End of Desire includes:

  • 12am in Istanbul
  • Take Me to the Mountain
  • June To September
  • Lonely Autumn Night
  • Land of the Hungry Ghost
  • Auroraborealis Sky
  • River Lullaby
  • The Whole World is Burning
  • End of Desire

It was co-produced by bassist Jon Evans (of the Tori Amos band), renowned musican Julie Wolf and myself.

I am joined by many friends and special guests, a community of world renowned musicians.

With special guest backup vocals by Bruce Cockburn, Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), Linda Tillery, Riffat Salamat, Chris Webster, Amelia White and Zoe Ellis.

And a band that includes:

  • Julie Wolf: keyboards, vocals
  • Jon Evans: bass
  • Scott Amendola: drums
  • Nina Gerber: guitar
  • Geoff Pearlman: guitar
  • Jami Sieber: cello, vocals
  • David Worm: vocals
  • Anthony Costello: vocals
  • Austin Willacy: vocals
  • Mike Marshall: mandolin
  • Rick Lazar: percussion

These incredible guests have helped transform each song into a work of art. The arrangements weave a variety of styles: folk, rock, chant and pop into a gorgeous musical tapestry that is heart achingly beautiful, transcendent and rooted.

Please visit this website after March 21st to hear the new songs. Click Links on the navigation menu for more information on the guest musicians from “End of Desire”.

I hope to see you at the CD release concerts early this summer! Click on Events for detailed information.

Thank you for all your support!

Jennifer Berezan

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