Praises for the World DVD

$25 – DVD


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Filmed live at the Scottish Rite Theater in Oakland, CA – March and November 2003

Includes over 60 performers including Jennifer Berezan, Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Patti Cathcart, Wilma Mankiller, Tulku Thubtun Rinpoche, Joanna Macy, Linda Tillery, Jami Sieber, Rhiannon, Dance Brigade, Chris Webster, Vicki Noble, Luisah Teish, Nina Gerber, Drew Dellinger, Joey Blake, Rita Sahai, Erika Luckett, Barbara Higbie, Terry Sendgraff’s Aerial Dancers, Leilani Birely and more!!!

Experience these ecstatic and heart opening events that included an audience of 1500 people singing throughout! In devotion to the earth and all peoples.

“A spiritual response to religious fundamentalism.” — Gloria Steinem

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