CD $15
  • This sublime new release continues Jennifer Berezan's signature mix of emotionally rich poetic songs, original guitar work, warm production, a collection of esteemed musical friends and themes that touch on "home as everywhere" ...California, Beijing, the Yukon Canada, and the internal realms of the heart.

  • My Memory Forever (the Alberta Tar Sands disaster)
  • Fall Down as the Rain
  • California
  • Turning into Gold
  • Tassajara Breeze
  • Yukon River
  • Snowing in Beijing
  • This is to Mother You
  • Niko's Song

CD $15
In These Arms, A Song for All Beings
  • In These Arms, A Song For All Beings
  • Dechen Shak-Dagsay: Om Mani Peme Hum/Tara Mantra
  • Katia Cardenal
  • Sarah Dugas

In the tradition of Jennifer Berezan's best selling recordings Returning and Praises for the World comes this beautiful new release. A moving journey into spacious mind, profound stillness, rhythmic joy, and the healing realms of the heart.

A longplaying musical meditation based in the practices of lovingkindness and compassion.

With voices from around the world including:

Jennifer Berezan, Jack Kornfield, Chris Webster, don benedictson, Dechen Shak-Dagsay, Rita Sahai, Katia Cardenal, Kiva Simova, The Buddhist Nuns of Unmun-sa Monastery, South Korea, David Worm, Melanie Demore, Raz Kennedy, Sarah Dugas, Steve Dawson, Julie Wolf, Jami Sieber, Milind Date and more.

With a special bonus track: Lovingkindness Meditation with Jack Kornfield.

"Precious and Sublime" -- Alice Walker

A profound transmission of lovingkindness that soothes the spirit and opens the heart  -- James Baraz

"Wonderful, heartfelt and contemplative. Moving melodies that stay with you  -- Sharon Salzberg

DVD $25
Praises for the World - DVD
DVD $25

To view segments from this dvd please visit the video page

Filmed live at the Scottish Rite Theater in Oakland, CA - March and November 2003

Includes over 60 performers including Jennifer Berezan, Alice Walker, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, Patti Cathcart, Wilma Mankiller, Tulku Thubtun Rinpoche, Joanna Macy, Linda Tillery, Jami Sieber, Rhiannon, Dance Brigade, Chris Webster, Vicki Noble, Luisah Teish, Nina Gerber, Drew Dellinger, Joey Blake, Rita Sahai, Erika Luckett, Barbara Higbie, Terry Sendgraff's Aerial Dancers, Leilani Birely and more!!!

Experience these ecstatic and heart opening events that included an audience of 1500 people singing throughout! In devotion to the earth and all peoples.

"A spiritual response to religious fundamentalism." -- Gloria Steinem

CD $15
End of Desire
CD $15
  • 12am in Istanbul
  • Take Me to the Mountain
  • River Lullaby
  • The Whole World is Burning
  • End of Desire

Co-produced by bassist Jon Evans (of the Tori Amos band), renowned musican Julie Wolf and Jennifer Berezan.

Jennifer is joined by many friends and special guests, a community of world renowned musicians.

Special guest backup vocals by Bruce Cockburn, Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), Linda Tillery, Riffat Salamat, Chris Webster, Amelia White and Zoe Ellis.

A band that includes: Julie Wolf: keyboards, vocals; Jon Evans: bass; Scott Amendola: drums; Nina Gerber: guitar; Geoff Pearlman: guitar; Jami Sieber: cello, vocals; David Worm: vocals; Anthony Costello: vocals; Austin Willacy: vocals; Mike Marshall: mandolin; Rick Lazar: percussion

These incredible guests have helped transform each song into a work of art. The arrangements weave a variety of styles: folk, rock, chant and pop into a gorgeous musical tapestry that is heart achingly beautiful, transcendent and rooted.

"Her warm, smoky voice and conversationally poetic lyrics turn each piece into an open-ended quest. Rhythmically compelling, story driven songs." -- San Francisco Chronicle

CD $15
Praises for the World - CD
CD $15
  • Track 1
  • Track 7
  • Track 12

A devotional and ecstatic long playing chant for our world. An extraordinary and unique mix of renowned musicians, singers and poets join Jennifer Berezan to create this healing and celebratory musical landscape.

With special guests: Alice Walker, Patti Cathcart, Jami Sieber, Chris Webster, Riffat Salamat, Erika Luckett, Barbara Higbie, Joey Blake, David Worm, Anthony Costello, Rick Lazar, Michaelle Goerlitz, don benedictson, Jackeline Rago and the Voices of Nature.

"A beautiful response to the hunger in the human heart for devotion to the gift of life. Awakening us to our own gratitude and solidarity with all beings."-- Joanna Macy

"A unique devotional recording, at once wholly personal and ultimately universal. The rapturous blend of song, poetry and chant, floating forth on a sumptuous, multicultural tapestry of enthralling voices achieves a rare state of grace with as much musical richness as spiritual depth."-- Yoga Journal

"Once again Jennifer Berezan has turned one simple thought into a major musical project that makes the listener feel immediately in touch with everything important in the dance of life. A heartachingly beautiful and healing work of extraordinary depth." -- Larry Kelp, host of 'Sing Out', KPFA-FM

CD $15
CD $15
  • Track 4
  • Track 7

ReTurning: A long playing healing chant to the Mother of Us All.

Recorded in the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum at Hal Saflieni, Malta. A 6000 year old Goddess temple made for sound. ReTurning is an extraordinary follow up to Jennifer Berezan's classic album She Carries Me. Evoking the lineage of ancient singing Priestesses, Jennifer weaves together a rich musical tapestry. A unique and beautiful blend of some of the world's most profound sacred musical traditions. Timeless and Contemporary.

With Special Guests: Linda Tillery, Sharon Burch, Chris Webster, Rick Lazar (from Loreena Mckennit Band) and others.

"Motherheart whispering to us from over the ages,
yearning for us to know her".
- Olympia Dukakis

CD $15
CD $15
  • Refuge
  • If I Can't Dance
  • Turning of the Wheel

This brilliant collection of songs is a moving journey through the landscapes of change, loss, injustice, healing, and transformation. Includes Turning of the Wheel, Refuge, Alberta Moon, & others. Features many of Jennifer's musical friends including Nina Gerber, Chris Webster, Joe Craven, Anthony Costello, Jami Sieber, and Laurie Lewis.

"A collection of beguiling melodies with wisdom drenched lyrics."
- Larry Kelp, East Bay Express

CD $15
She Carries Me
CD $15
  • She Who Hears the Cries of the World
  • She Carries Me

With Olympia Dukakis, Chris Webster and Darol Anger

A powerfully evocative and meditative piece of music. A prayer to heal the broken heart, evoking the presence of Quan Yin (She Who Hears the Cries of the World) and her Tibetan counterpart Tara.

"Wonderful... it has a very beautiful, soulful and steady chant feeling that goes to the heartbeat."
- Luisah Teish


Only available for digital download at:
CD Baby & iTunes
Available at CD Baby & iTunes
  • Borderlines

A NAIRD (National Association of Independent Record Distributors) Nominee in the adult contemporary category. Gorgeously produced by Mike Marshall. Includes renowned guest musicians Todd Philips, Linda Tillery, Chris Webster, Sally Van Meter, John R. Burr and Norton Buffalo. Includes Borderlines, Angel Boots, Shadows on the Street & others.

"Borderlines dissolves in the sweet fluid lilt of Jennifer Berezan's voice and the quick graceful craft of their songwriting. The recording sparkles with sharp instrumental accompaniment and original imagery... it overflows with compassion."
- Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

Praises for the World - Medallion!

In collaboration with Jennifer Berezan and Edge of Wonder Records, and designed especially for the "Praises for the World" CD and concert tour, Sandra Lewis Design is pleased to offer this sterling silver medallion. Set on a simple band of rich chocolate brown leather, Jennifer's beautiful lyrics create the spiral design: "The holiest words I've ever read or thought or sung or prayed were praises for the world."

Medallion is 1" in diameter. 16" or 18" (please specify) $58

Available on necklaces page at Sandra Lewis Design!!